Xylene ACS Grade

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Xylene ACS Grade: A Premium Choice for Laboratory Excellence

Product Name: Xylene ACS Grade

Xylene ACS Grade is an innovative, high-quality solvent, specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of analytical and laboratory applications. Its advanced formulation guarantees purity and performance, ensuring the precision and reliability needed in the professional lab setting.

Purity Beyond Comparison

Superior Formulation
Our Xylene ACS Grade is meticulously formulated to achieve superior quality, exhibiting optimal chemical stability and low residue levels. It offers a unique combination of purity and consistency, essential for laboratory precision.

Premium Quality Assurance
Adherence to ACS (American Chemical Society) standards ensures that each batch of Xylene ACS Grade undergoes rigorous testing and validation, exceeding industry norms and offering unmatched quality and safety.

Versatile Applications

Diverse Laboratory Use
Xylene ACS Grade serves as an indispensable solvent in numerous laboratory applications including histology, pathology, and small-scale chemical synthesis. Its versatility is showcased in its ability to act as a clearing agent in tissue processing and staining, ensuring sharp and clear microscopic images.

Solution for Analytical Processes
In analytical chemistry, Xylene ACS Grade stands out for its efficacy in spectroscopy and chromatography, where its high purity level minimizes the risk of contamination and interference, yielding accurate and reliable results.

Exceptional Performance Attributes

Evaporation & Solubility
Xylene ACS Grade boasts a high evaporation rate and superior solubility properties, making it an ideal choice for concentrating solutions and dissolving a myriad of organic compounds, leading to enhanced lab efficiency and productivity.

Low Water Content
The meticulous distillation process results in extremely low water content, allowing for optimal performance in moisture-sensitive reactions and processes, providing users with confidence in the reliability of their experimental outcomes.

User-Friendly Packaging

Safe & Secure Containers
Our Xylene ACS Grade is housed in user-friendly, secure containers designed to prevent leakage and contamination. The packaging ensures easy handling and usage, enhancing user experience and safety in the lab environment.