Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade

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Alliance Chemical is proud to offer high-quality Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Sulfuric acid is a colorless, odorless, and non-volatile liquid that is widely used as an industrial reagent, a drying agent, and an intermediate chemical.


Our Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade has a concentration of 96% sulfuric acid and 4% water. It is commonly used in various applications such as:


  • -Production of fertilizers, chemicals, and dyes
  • -Petroleum refining and production of gasoline
  • -Metal processing and refining
  • -Battery production
  • -Water treatment and neutralization of waste streams
  • -Laboratory reagents and analytical chemistry


In addition to its versatility, our Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade is also a highly corrosive and reactive material, so it should be handled with extreme care. Proper personal protective equipment and handling procedures should be followed when handling Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade. It is also ACS grade which means it meets the standard set by American Chemical Society for quality and purity.