Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade

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Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade: Essential for Advanced Applications

Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade: Essential for Advanced Applications

Dive into the essence of chemical precision with our Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade, an indispensable reagent in a plethora of scientific endeavors. This high-purity acid is manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of the American Chemical Society (ACS), ensuring its role as a cornerstone in research and industry applications.

Chemical Characteristics

Sulfuric Acid, with its molecular formula H2SO4, is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid. It’s well-regarded for its versatility and essential role in chemical syntheses.

Appearance and Odor

The product is known for its clear to slightly yellow appearance and its ability to absorb moisture from the air. In its purest form, it is odorless, but can emit strong fumes in the presence of moisture.


Sulfuric Acid’s 96% concentration is optimal for a wide array of applications:

Industrial Manufacturing

It’s pivotal in manufacturing fertilizers, chemicals, petroleum products, and in metal processing. Its dehydrating properties make it excellent for preparing esters and drying gases.

Laboratory Use

As an ACS Grade chemical, it’s ideal for pH adjustment, titrations, and analytical testing in high-end research laboratories.

Battery Acid

Sulfuric Acid is crucial in lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles. Its quality and concentration are key for efficiency and longevity of the batteries.

Handling and Storage

Given its highly corrosive nature, proper safety procedures are paramount.

Safety Measures

Handling requires strict safety precautions including the use of protective clothing, chemical-resistant gloves, and eye protection. Adequate ventilation is necessary, and in case of spills, neutralizing agents should be readily available.

Storage Recommendations

It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Containers of this acid should be kept tightly closed when not in use.


Sulfuric Acid 96% ACS Grade is a high-value chemical that plays a critical role across various industries. Its high concentration and purity level ascertained by ACS standards make it reliable for professional applications. Handling with care and proper storage are key to maintaining its integrity and ensuring safety.

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