Sodium Hydroxide 50% Membrane Grade (Caustic Soda, Lye)

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Sodium Hydroxide 50% (Caustic Soda, Lye) Membrane Grade: An In-Depth Overview

Sodium Hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda or lye, is a fundamental alkali used in various high-precision sectors. Its 50% concentration in Membrane Grade form offers optimal efficiency and control, crucial for specialized applications in industries and advanced research facilities where high purity is essential.

Chemical Characteristics

Membrane Grade Sodium Hydroxide at 50% concentration maintains its potent alkaline nature, exhibiting powerful reactions, particularly with acids. Its high purity level enhances its reactivity, making it ideal for sensitive and controlled processes.

Appearance and Odor

This Membrane Grade variant is a dense, clear liquid, odorless to facilitate easy identification and precise application, particularly critical in environments like laboratories and high-tech manufacturing processes.

Reactivity Properties

The high purity of Membrane Grade Sodium Hydroxide ensures efficient and controlled acid neutralization, making it suitable for delicate chemical processes. It plays a vital role in scenarios where impurities can affect the outcome, like in catalyst reactions or high-grade saponification.


Due to its refined quality, Membrane Grade Sodium Hydroxide 50% is utilized in specialized fields.

Precision Cleaning and Processing

Its role in cleaning sensitive equipment and processing materials in industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals is critical, where standard technical grade chemicals cannot be used.

Specialized Manufacturing

In industries like semiconductor manufacturing or high-purity textile processing, its application ensures the highest quality and safety standards.

Handling and Storage

The handling and storage of Membrane Grade Sodium Hydroxide 50% necessitate stringent safety measures due to its high purity and reactivity.

Protective Measures

The use of advanced safety gear is essential. Immediate attention to any exposure is crucial due to its high reactivity.

Storage Guidelines

Storing in specialized, contaminant-free environments is necessary to maintain its purity and efficacy.


Sodium Hydroxide 50% in its Membrane Grade form is indispensable in advanced industrial and research applications. Understanding its high purity and specific handling requirements is key to utilizing its benefits effectively and safely.
This overview highlights the unique aspects of Membrane Grade Sodium Hydroxide 50%, clarifying its specific uses and handling requirements to ensure customers are well-informed and can differentiate it from the more common technical grade.

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