Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade

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Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade: Precision Formulated for High-Efficiency Tasks

The Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade meets the exacting standards of the American Chemical Society (ACS), making it an exceptional choice for specialized applications that require a high degree of purity and efficacy. This concentration is particularly suited for detailed scientific work, industrial processes, and any application where premium quality is essential.

Dedicated to Superior Performance

With its 15% concentration, this ACS grade hydrogen peroxide is a powerful agent widely used in analytical laboratories, chemical synthesis, and various industrial applications where its oxidizing properties are indispensable. Its strength ensures effective performance in more demanding conditions.

Guaranteed Quality

Adhering to ACS purity standards, Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade undergoes stringent quality control processes. This rigorous testing ensures that it delivers consistent and reliable results, giving professionals the confidence they need for their critical tasks.

Environmentally Considerate

Despite its potency, it decomposes into water and oxygen, affirming its status as an environmentally responsible choice. This feature makes it a preferred option for users who need strong oxidizing action but also wish to maintain eco-friendly practices.

Comprehensive Range for Varied Requirements

Understanding the diverse needs of their customers, Alliance Chemical offers a broad selection of hydrogen peroxide grades and concentrations. Whether you need a lower concentration for routine tasks or a specialized grade like this 15% ACS, they provide the right solution for your specific needs.

Focus on Safe Usage

Proper handling and storage of Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade are paramount to ensure safety and preserve its quality. Users are encouraged to follow all safety guidelines and use appropriate protective gear when handling this chemical.

Expert Support and Guidance

Choosing Alliance Chemical means access to a wealth of knowledge and support. Their team is committed to providing customers with the necessary information and assistance to use their products safely and effectively, ensuring optimal results every time.


The Hydrogen Peroxide 15% ACS Grade is the go-to option for professionals demanding the highest standards of purity and performance. Its blend of strength and quality makes it indispensable for a wide range of high-efficiency applications.