Blendpro – Professional Paint Thinning Solution

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Product Highlights:

BlendPro, Alliance Chemical’s professional paint thinning solution, is the top-notch, time-saving solution that your paint projects have been craving. Concocted from a balanced blend of 1/3 Acetone, 1/3 Toluene, and 1/3 Ethyl Acetate, this concoction presents itself as the prime selection for both the home DIY enthusiast and the industrious professional.

Product Description:

Alliance Chemical introduces BlendPro, the groundbreaking, professional-grade paint thinning solution, curated meticulously with a fine balance of Acetone, Toluene, and Ethyl Acetate. Our formula guarantees a superior performance by providing a smoother, easier application process and enhanced paint adherence.

BlendPro’s 1/3 Acetone composition enables quick drying, which is a boon to those with time constraints. Acetone, known for its exceptional solvency properties, ensures a fluid, consistent texture to your paint mix.

Our formula also comprises 1/3 Toluene, a solvent that bolsters paint adherence and durability. Toluene’s superior solvent properties enhance paint’s ability to endure harsh weather conditions, thereby ensuring longevity.

Ethyl Acetate makes up the final third of BlendPro’s composition. This versatile solvent is known to improve the drying time of paints and varnishes, thus contributing to the product’s overall efficiency. It further aids in preventing lumping and uneven paint spread, ensuring a sleek, uniform application.


Fast Drying: The acetone component enables quick drying, saving precious time for busy painters.

Enhanced Adhesion: Toluene aids in improving the paint’s adhesion, ensuring a smooth, durable finish.

Consistent Texture: Ethyl Acetate provides a consistent texture, preventing lumping and ensuring a uniform application.

Versatile Use: BlendPro is suitable for a wide array of applications, ranging from household DIY projects to large-scale industrial paint jobs.

Superior Performance: BlendPro promises a seamless paint application process, leading to high-quality and durable finishes.


Easy to Use: BlendPro’s design ensures straightforward usage. Just follow the instructions on the packaging, and you’re set for an effortless paint job.

Usage Directions:

BlendPro is incredibly user-friendly. Simply pour the required amount of BlendPro into your paint, stir until well combined, and you’re ready to go! Please follow the instructions provided on the label for precise usage amounts and safety precautions.

Safety Information:

BlendPro is a professional-grade product and should be used responsibly. Always ensure adequate ventilation during use and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. For detailed safety instructions, please refer to the safety data sheet included with the product.

Final Thoughts:

In the world of paint thinners, BlendPro is the preferred choice for many. Its top-of-the-line formula and exceptional performance have garnered a loyal following from DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. When you choose BlendPro, you’re not just selecting a paint thinner; you’re investing in a product that delivers professional results with convenience and efficiency.

Choose BlendPro, the professional paint thinning solution by Alliance Chemical, for all your paint projects. Witness the difference it makes with its premium formula that guarantees smoothness, consistency, and a high-quality finish.