Organic Vermiculite – Fine Grade

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Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite


Product Overview:


Enhance your gardening and horticultural endeavors with our premium Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite. This natural mineral, carefully sourced and processed, is an essential addition to your soil mixtures. Its exceptional properties foster optimal plant growth, root aeration, and water retention.


Key Features:


1. Lightweight and Absorbent:


Our Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite is known for its lightweight structure and remarkable absorbent capabilities. It facilitates consistent moisture distribution, helping your plants thrive even during dry periods.


2. Improved Root Health:


The fine particles of vermiculite create air pockets within the soil, ensuring efficient oxygen flow to plant roots. This promotes healthy root development and contributes to robust, flourishing plants.


3. Enhanced Nutrient Retention:


With its high cation exchange capacity (CEC), this vermiculite helps retain essential nutrients and makes them readily available to plants, resulting in vigorous growth and vibrant foliage.




  • Potting Mixes: Incorporate our Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite into potting mixes to improve drainage, aeration, and water-holding capacity.

  • Seed Germination: Create optimal conditions for seed germination by adding vermiculite to seed-starting trays.

  • Hydroponics: Enhance hydroponic systems with its lightweight structure and moisture regulation properties.

  • Soil Amendments: Mix with garden soil to improve overall structure, especially in heavy clay soils.


Usage Tips:


  • Blend with other growing mediums for custom soil blends.

  • Use as a top dressing to retain moisture around plants.

  • Rehydrate dry vermiculite before use to maximize its water retention benefits.



  • Grade: Fine

  • pH: Neutral

  • Packaging: Available in various sizes to suit your gardening needs.


Elevate Your Gardening: Our Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite is your solution for creating thriving gardens, bountiful harvests, and vibrant landscapes. Unlock the potential of your plants with this natural and versatile addition.


Note: As an organic product, variations in color and appearance may occur. Store in a cool, dry place.


Order today and experience the difference that Fine Grade Organic Vermiculite can make in your gardening journey.

Vermiculite SDS PDF - 473KB