Hydrogen Peroxide 12% ACS Grade

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Hydrogen Peroxide 12% ACS Grade: Superior Purity for Advanced Applications

The Hydrogen Peroxide 12% ACS Grade is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS), providing a high-purity solution for sophisticated scientific and industrial processes. This concentration is ideal for specialized applications where both precision and strength are crucial.

Optimized for Specialized Needs

With its 12% concentration, this ACS-grade hydrogen peroxide is particularly suited for fields requiring an oxidizer with a bit more kick. It’s widely used in analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other settings where a higher concentration is necessary for efficient performance and accurate results.

Assurance of Quality

Meeting the rigorous standards of ACS, this product is synonymous with reliability and consistency. It undergoes strict testing and quality control measures to ensure its purity, offering professionals the confidence they need for their sensitive and critical tasks.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Despite its enhanced concentration, Hydrogen Peroxide 12% ACS Grade decomposes into water and oxygen, upholding its status as an environmentally responsible choice. Users benefit from its powerful oxidizing action while supporting sustainable practices.

Varied Concentrations for Diverse Requirements

Recognizing the broad spectrum of customer needs, Alliance Chemical offers hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations and grades, including both technical and ACS standards. This ensures that you can select the exact product required for your specific application.

Commitment to Safety

Handling this concentrated chemical safely is paramount. Proper storage and adherence to handling guidelines are essential for maintaining the product’s integrity and ensuring the safety of all users.

Access to Expertise

Alliance Chemical doesn’t just supply products; they provide a comprehensive support system. Their expertise in hydrogen peroxide solutions ensures that you receive all the necessary guidance and support for effective and safe usage.


The Hydrogen Peroxide 12% ACS Grade represents the pinnacle of purity and performance. It’s designed for those who require the best in quality and reliability for their demanding applications. Choose Alliance Chemical for a partner that’s as committed to your success as you are.