Glycol Ether EE ACS

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Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade: An Essential Solvent for Critical Applications in Research and Industry

Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade is not merely a solvent but a crucial chemical agent, asserting its position firmly in various applications, particularly in scientific research, analytical laboratories, and diverse industrial sectors. Renowned for its notable solvent and coupling characteristics, it plays a crucial role in sophisticated laboratory settings, quality manufacturing processes, and varied industrial uses. The ACS (American Chemical Society) grade denotes its high purity and reliability in processes where consistency and precision are paramount.


Chemical Properties and Characteristics

Ethylene Glycol Ethyl Ether, commonly known as Glycol Ether EE, is distinguished by its molecular formula, C4H10O2. This chemical compound is celebrated for its ability to balance hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics efficiently, making it invaluable in a variety of processes and formulations, thus asserting its necessity in various research and industrial applications.


Appearance, Odor, and Physical State

Presenting as a clear, colorless liquid, Glycol Ether EE emits a mild and agreeable odor. Particularly recognized for its ability to proficiently dissolve numerous resins, it positions itself as a precious solvent and coupling agent across various solvent systems in diverse industries.


Chemical Stability and Reactivity

While Glycol Ether EE is generally stable under standard conditions, it’s pivotal to understand its reactivity and stability under varied circumstances to ensure safe storage, handling, and transportation, thereby preserving the quality of the solvent and maintaining operational safety.


Multifaceted Applications

Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade claims wide utility, navigating through different domains and industries, being particularly noteworthy for its exemplary solvent properties and coupling capabilities.

  • Scientific Research: A preferred choice in research labs for its high purity and consistent performance.
  • Cleaning: Its optimal balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic traits makes it suitable for precise cleaning applications, especially where residue-free results are needed.
  • Manufacturing: A pivotal component in manufacturing where a high-purity solvent is requisite.


Handling and Storage Guidelines

Adherence to stringent handling and storage guidelines is essential to maintain the quality, purity, and efficacy of Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade, while ensuring a safe operational milieu.


Protective Measures and First Aid

Utilizing appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, is vital to prevent skin and eye contact. Following first aid guidelines and protocols as delineated in its safety data sheet is critical in instances of accidental exposure.


Storage Requirements and Incompatibilities

Storage of Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade demands a cool, well-ventilated area, ensuring it is isolated from incompatible materials, such as strong acids or bases, to prevent undesirable reactions. A secure and tightly sealed container is vital to avoid contamination and maintain its high purity.



Glycol Ether EE ACS Grade distinguishes itself as an indispensable, high-purity solvent, presenting a multitude of applications across varied industries and scientific applications. Delivering reliability and consistency across all applications, adherence to rigorous safety, handling, and storage guidelines ensures maximal benefit, while maintaining a secure operational environment, safeguarding both the product and the user, thus ensuring an efficient and effective utility across all intended applications.