Gleam Guru – Ammonia Cleaning Solution

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Introducing Gleam Guru – 10% Ammonium Hydroxide Cleaning Solution

Gleam Guru is a revolutionary 10% ammonium hydroxide cleaning solution designed to tackle even the most stubborn stains and dirt, leaving your surfaces spotless and shining. This powerful, professional-grade cleaning agent is perfect for both industrial and household use. With its unique 10% ammonium hydroxide formula, Gleam Guru provides an unbeatable level of cleaning power that is gentle on surfaces yet tough on grime.
Unparalleled Cleaning Performance

Gleam Guru’s 10% ammonium hydroxide formula is specially designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. Its strong alkaline nature breaks down grease, oil, and grime with ease, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of cleaning applications. From kitchens and bathrooms to workshops and factories, Gleam Guru is the ultimate cleaning solution for any environment.
Safe and Effective
Safety is paramount when it comes to cleaning products, and Gleam Guru’s 10% ammonium hydroxide formula is no exception. This powerful cleaning agent is safe for use on most surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, and ceramic. It’s also biodegradable and environmentally friendly, ensuring that you can clean with confidence while minimizing your impact on the environment.
Multipurpose Cleaning Solution
Gleam Guru’s versatility makes it an indispensable cleaning solution for both industrial and household use. Its powerful formula is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Degreasing surfaces
  • Removing soap scum and hard water stains
  • Cleaning ovens and grills
  • Removing grease and grime from machinery and equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitizing floors
  • Removing mold and mildew
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • And much more


No matter the cleaning challenge, Gleam Guru is up to the task.
Easy to Use
Gleam Guru’s 10% ammonium hydroxide cleaning solution is easy to use, ensuring that you can achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort. Simply dilute the solution according to the recommended ratios for your specific cleaning application, apply to the surface, and wipe or scrub as needed. For stubborn stains, allow the solution to sit for a few minutes before wiping or scrubbing.
Economical and Cost-Effective
Available in a 15-gallon carboy, Gleam Guru offers an economical and cost-effective solution for all your cleaning needs. The concentrated formula ensures that you get more cleaning power for your money, as it can be diluted to the appropriate strength for various applications. This means that one container of Gleam Guru can last you a long time, making it a smart investment for both businesses and households alike.
Trusted Quality
When you choose Gleam Guru, you’re choosing a product backed by Alliance Chemical’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We’re confident that our 10% ammonium hydroxide cleaning solution will exceed your expectations and become your go-to cleaning agent for a wide range of applications.
The Gleam Guru Advantage
In summary, Gleam Guru’s 10% ammonium hydroxide cleaning solution offers a multitude of benefits for both industrial and household use:

  • Unparalleled cleaning performance
  • Safe and effective on most surfaces
  • Multipurpose cleaning solution for various applications
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Trusted quality from Alliance Chemical

Experience the power of Gleam Guru and transform your cleaning routine today. Say goodbye to stubborn stains, grease, and grime, and hello to spotless, gleaming surfaces.

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