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What Makes D-limonene One Of The Best Degreasers & Better Than Orange Oil?

Unlike other harmful and toxic chemicals, Citrus based degreasers are powerful, safe and effective cleaners. The magic starts with D-limonene (also known as Citrus Terpenes) which is a naturally occurring solvent found in the oils of citrus. Keep in mind most Orange Oil’s might contain impurities and other elements. Alliance Chemical’s D-limonene is distilled directly from orange peels without additives or impurities. Unlike D-limonene, Orange oil is not refined.  Whatever you get from squeezing the orange peel is what is in orange oil. This could include water and other liquids beside terpene solvents.

The Universal Solvent, Degreaser & Multi-Purpose Material!

The uses for Alliance Chemical‘s D-limonene are endless. It’s is commonly used as a degreaser for the aircraft industry, an additive for skin cosmetics, food & beverage, soaps, shampoos, air fresheners, laundry detergents, essential oils, and even in environmentally conscious insecticides or moss-killer.

When used as a degreaser or cleaning solvent Alliance Chemical’s D-limonene is more powerful than any synthetic hydrocarbon. Industrial grade strength that grows on trees! This reason and others are why our customers love our D-limonene.

Our D-limonene is extremely powerful and effective  in a variety of applications. Use as a concentrate on the toughest jobs or dilutee it for basic cleaning. It’s perfect on hard (non-porous) surfaces. Effective against adhesive, dirt, tar, grime, grease, and other hard-to-remove soils. This product easily cuts through grease and grunge on a wide variety of surfaces, such as metal tools, machinery, dumpsters, trash bins, pipes, carpet, glass, ovens, grills, stainless steel, metal, tile, carpet, countertops, flooring, walls, etc.

Alliance Chemical’s D-limonene is the degreaser of choice for both professionals and consumers. It is effective on asphalt, tar, grease, oil, paint, ink, graffiti, adhesive, lipstick, crayon, scuffs, odors, food or drink stains, pet messes, and more! Also, this product leaves no harsh chemical odors, just the pleasant scent of oranges.

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