Sulfuric Acid 70%

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Sulfuric Acid 70% Technical Grade

A Powerful and Versatile Chemical:


Sulfuric Acid 70% Technical Grade is a highly concentrated form of sulfuric acid, widely recognized for its extensive applications in industrial and chemical processes.


Chemical Properties:

This grade of sulfuric acid is characterized by its high acidity and corrosive nature, making it effective in a wide range of chemical reactions.


Appearance and Concentration:

It is a dense, clear to slightly yellow liquid, known for its strong acidic properties and a concentration level of 70%.


Reactivity and Compatibility:

Sulfuric Acid 70% reacts with various substances, including organic materials and metals, and is used for its strong oxidizing and dehydrating abilities.


Solubility and Dilution:

Highly soluble in water, this acid should be diluted with care due to the exothermic nature of the dilution process.



Sulfuric Acid 70% is integral in the manufacturing of fertilizers, in chemical synthesis, and in various industrial cleaning processes.


Fertilizer Production:

It plays a critical role in the production of phosphate fertilizers, aiding in nutrient availability for agriculture.


Chemical Manufacturing:

Used in the production of various chemicals, including dyes, pigments, and other sulfuric acid derivatives.


Industrial Cleaning:

Effective in removing oxidation, rust, and scaling from metal surfaces, it is widely used in metal processing and refining.


Handling and Storage:

Proper safety measures and protocols are crucial when handling and storing Sulfuric Acid 70% due to its hazardous nature.


Safety Precautions:

Use appropriate personal protective equipment and ensure adequate ventilation to minimize exposure risks.


Storage Recommendations:

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, in acid-resistant containers, away from incompatible substances.



Sulfuric Acid 70% Technical Grade is essential in numerous industrial and chemical processes, valued for its reactivity and versatility. Implementing strict safety practices is vital for its effective and safe use.