D-Limonene Food Grade

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D-Limonene, USP Grade

High-Efficiency, Natural Solvent

D-Limonene is a naturally-derived solvent known for its effectiveness and environmentally friendly profile. This high-quality product is ideal for a variety of industrial applications where a potent yet natural solution is preferred.

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USP Grade

Our D-Limonene ensures a high level of purity and efficacy, suitable for diverse industrial uses, including as a cleaning agent, degreaser, and in the production of fragrances.

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Properties and Benefits

D-Limonene is valued for its pleasant citrus scent, low toxicity, and biodegradability. Its ability to dissolve oils and greases makes it a versatile choice for many cleaning and degreasing applications.

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    Effective Cleaning Agent

    It is a powerful solvent for cleaning purposes, efficiently removing stubborn residues and leaving behind a fresh, citrus aroma.

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    Industrial Applications

    Aside from cleaning, D-Limonene is used in various industrial processes, including as a natural ingredient in fragrance manufacturing and as a bio-based solvent in formulations.

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Safety and Environmental Impact

While D-Limonene is generally safer than synthetic solvents, proper handling and storage practices are recommended. Its eco-friendly nature makes it a preferred choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

D-Limonene USP Grade SDS PDF - 344KB