Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade

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Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade: Enhanced Efficacy for Diverse Applications

The Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade offers a slightly elevated concentration for tasks requiring a bit more potency than the standard 3% solution. This grade effectively balances power with safety, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Diverse Utility

Perfect for more intensive cleaning and disinfecting, this grade is commonly used in commercial kitchens, healthcare facilities, and laboratories. It provides an effective sanitizing solution that is still gentle enough to be used on various surfaces without causing damage.

Quality Assurance

Adherence to strict production standards ensures that Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade maintains consistent quality and efficacy. It’s a reliable choice for professionals who need a stronger solution without stepping into industrial-grade concentrations.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Like other hydrogen peroxide solutions, this product decomposes into water and oxygen, highlighting its environmental friendliness. Its breakdown into harmless substances makes it a preferred option for eco-conscious users who need effective cleaning and sanitizing capabilities.

Range of Concentrations

While the 6% solution serves many needs, Alliance Chemical provides a variety of concentrations for different requirements. From the milder 3% Technical Grade to the more potent 30% Technical Grade, they have options to suit any application.

Safe Use and Storage

It’s important to handle Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade with care. Proper storage in a cool, dry place is essential, as is adherence to safety guidelines during use to ensure both user safety and product efficacy.

Expert Guidance

With Alliance Chemical, you gain more than a product; you receive comprehensive support. Their expertise in handling, storage, and application ensures that you can use their products with confidence, maximizing both safety and effectiveness.


The Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade is an ideal choice for those seeking a bit more strength in their cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Its blend of efficacy, safety, and environmental consideration makes it a versatile and responsible choice for a range of applications.