Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade

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Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade: Ultimate Purity for the Most Demanding Applications

The Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade is a premium solution that adheres to the stringent American Chemical Society (ACS) standards. This high-concentration formula is designed for critical applications where superior purity and strength are non-negotiable.

Designed for Precision and Power

This 25% concentration is used in advanced scientific research, medical laboratories, and industrial processes where its oxidizing properties are essential. It’s particularly effective in scenarios requiring intense reaction conditions or where rapid and complete disinfection is crucial.

Uncompromising Quality

Meeting and exceeding ACS specifications, this product undergoes extensive quality control to ensure its high purity and concentration. Users can rely on Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade for consistent, dependable results in their most critical and sensitive applications.

Environmental Responsibility

While powerful, this hydrogen peroxide grade maintains an eco-friendly profile, decomposing into water and oxygen post-use. Its environmental compatibility makes it a preferred choice for operations that prioritize sustainability alongside performance.

Selection to Fit Every Need

Alliance Chemical offers a comprehensive range of hydrogen peroxide grades and concentrations to cater to a wide array of requirements. From lower concentrations for everyday use to the specialized 25% ACS Grade, they provide options to suit every scenario.

Emphasis on Safety

Given its high concentration, handling Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade with the utmost care is critical. Proper storage, safety equipment, and adherence to handling protocols are imperative to ensure user safety and product integrity.

Support and Expertise

With Alliance Chemical, customers gain more than a product; they gain a partnership. Their team offers expert advice and support, ensuring you have the necessary information and resources to use this high-grade chemical safely and effectively.


The Hydrogen Peroxide 25% ACS Grade stands at the forefront of quality and performance. For those requiring the highest purity and strength in their hydrogen peroxide, it represents the peak of excellence, providing unmatched efficacy for the most demanding tasks.

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