Xylene (Xylol/Dimethylbenzene) – 1 Quart Can – Cleaning Agent, Thinner for Paint and Varnishes – Made in America – Alliance Chemical


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Xylene solvent is a clear, colorless liquid aromatic hydrocarbon. It is widely used as a solvent in place of Toluene to thin oil-based paint, lacquer, varnish, adhesives and enamel when a slower rate of evaporation is desired. It may also be used as a clean-up solvent for tools and equipment immediately after use.

  • CAS Number 106-42-3
  • Molecular Formula (CH3)2C6H4
  • Formula Weight 106.17
  • Synonyms 1,4-Dimethylbenzene, Para-Xylene, 1,4-Xylene, p-Methyltoluene, p-Dimethylbenzene, p-Xylol, 4-Xylene
  • PubChem CID 7809
  • Percent Purity Min. 99.0%
  • Chemical Name or Material Para-Xylene
  • UN Number 1307
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