Urea Fertilizer 5lbs – Plant Food – High Efficiency 46% Nitrogen 46-0-0 Fertilizer for Indoor, Outdoor Plants – 99.6% Pure Water Soluble Garden Lawn, Vegetable Fertilizer and Tie Dye


Urea is an organic, natural product that is one of the most important nitrogenous fertilizers in the market, with the highest Nitrogen content (about 46 percent). It is a white crystalline organic chemical compound. Urea is neutral in pH and can adapt to almost all kinds of soils. It is a waste product formed naturally by metabolizing protein in humans as well as other mammals, amphibians and some fish. Urea is widely used in the agricultural sector both as a fertilizer and animal feed additive.

Urea has important uses as a fertilizer and feed supplement, as well as a starting material for the manufacture of plastics and drugs.

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