Sodium Hydroxide Flakes

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Sodium Hydroxide Flakes (Caustic Soda)

A Powerful and Essential Alkali:


Sodium Hydroxide Flakes, commonly referred to as Caustic Soda, are highly valued in various industrial processes for their strong alkaline properties and effectiveness in a range of applications.


Chemical Properties:

These flakes are highly caustic, with a strong ability to neutralize acids and form sodium salts, making them an essential chemical in many industries.


Appearance and Purity:

As white, hygroscopic flakes, they are known for their high purity and ability to absorb moisture from the air, requiring careful storage.


Solubility and Reactivity:

Highly soluble in water and forming a strongly alkaline solution, these flakes react with acids, metals, and other materials, and are used to control pH levels.



Sodium Hydroxide Flakes are extensively used in soap making, paper production, water treatment, and the manufacture of textiles and detergents.


Soap and Detergent Manufacturing:

They play a crucial role in saponification, the process of soap making, and are used in the production of various cleaning agents.


Textile Industry:

In textiles, they are used for processing cotton and dyeing fabrics, due to their ability to effectively remove oils and prepare fibers.


Water Treatment:

Utilized in water treatment processes, they help in pH adjustment and the removal of heavy metals and other impurities.


Handling and Storage:

Handling Sodium Hydroxide Flakes requires strict safety precautions due to their corrosive nature, which can cause severe burns.


Protective Measures:

Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, goggles, and protective clothing, is essential to prevent skin and eye contact.


Storage Conditions:

They should be stored in a cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, away from acids and organic materials, to prevent moisture absorption and reactions.



Sodium Hydroxide Flakes are a key industrial chemical, pivotal in various manufacturing and treatment processes. Adherence to safety protocols in their handling and storage is crucial to harness their benefits effectively and safely.

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