Sodium Hydroxide Flakes ACS Grade

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Sodium Hydroxide Flakes ACS Grade

A Versatile and High-Purity Reagent:


Sodium Hydroxide Flakes ACS Grade are a highly pure and effective reagent, crucial for a wide array of applications in research, industry, and manufacturing due to their strong alkaline nature and high reactivity.


Chemical Properties:

With the chemical formula NaOH, these flakes are characterized by their high purity, strong alkalinity, and rapid dissolution in water, releasing heat in the process.


Appearance and Consistency:

Sodium Hydroxide ACS Grade appears as white, solid flakes, consistent in quality and size, providing ease of handling and precise measurements.


Quality and Purity:

Meeting ACS (American Chemical Society) standards, these flakes ensure high purity and quality, making them suitable for sensitive and demanding applications.


Solubility and Reactivity:

Highly soluble in water and alcohol, these flakes are known for their reactivity with acids, forming salts and releasing heat.



Sodium Hydroxide Flakes ACS Grade are widely used in laboratory analysis, chemical synthesis, pH control, and as a cleaning agent in various industries.


Laboratory Analysis:

In analytical labs, they are used for titrations, pH adjustments, and as a reagent in various chemical reactions.


Chemical Manufacturing:

Their strong alkaline nature makes them essential in the production of soaps, detergents, and various chemical compounds.


Cleaning and Processing:

Used as a cleaning agent in industries, especially where strong degreasing is required, and in water treatment processes.


Handling and Storage:

Safe handling is crucial due to their corrosive nature; appropriate personal protective equipment must be used to prevent skin and eye contact.


Safety Precautions:

It is essential to use gloves, eye protection, and face shields when handling these flakes. Ensure proper ventilation in the workspace.


Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from acids and organic materials. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.



Sodium Hydroxide Flakes ACS Grade are indispensable in various scientific and industrial applications, offering high purity and effectiveness. Adherence to strict safety protocols is essential for their safe handling and use.