Sodium Hydroxide 50% Solution ACS Grade

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Sodium Hydroxide 50% ACS Grade: A Laboratory Essential

Sodium Hydroxide, often referred to as lye or caustic soda, is a staple inorganic compound in the chemical industry. The ACS Grade denotes that this chemical meets or exceeds purity standards set by the American Chemical Society (ACS), making it suitable for a wide range of scientific applications.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Sodium Hydroxide in a 50% solution is a strong, colorless alkali. It has the chemical formula NaOH and is known for its high reactivity and solubility in water, generating heat upon dissolution.

Consistency and Reactivity

The 50% concentration is a viscous liquid, providing a balance between ease of handling and chemical reactivity. It readily reacts with acids, metals, and organic materials, and is hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from the air.

Purity and Quality

Being of ACS Grade, this Sodium Hydroxide solution conforms to the stringent requirements necessary for analytical purposes and ensures high fidelity in laboratory results.


Sodium Hydroxide 50% ACS Grade’s versatility makes it indispensable in various sectors.

Analytical Chemistry and Research

In laboratories, it is used in titrations, pH adjustments, and synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds. Its consistent quality is crucial for reproducible results.

Manufacturing and Industrial

It finds extensive use in the production of paper, textiles, detergents, and as a pH regulator in water treatment processes.

Safe Handling and Storage

Due to its corrosive nature, appropriate safety measures must be taken when working with Sodium Hydroxide 50% ACS Grade.

Safety Protocols

Protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection are mandatory. Always add the caustic soda to water, never the reverse, to prevent exothermic reactions that can cause splattering. Ensure good ventilation and have neutralizing agents at hand.

Storage Practices

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from incompatible substances like acids and organic materials. Containers must be corrosion-resistant and kept tightly closed to prevent the absorption of CO2 and moisture.


Sodium Hydroxide 50% ACS Grade is an essential reagent in professional laboratories, requiring meticulous handling and storage. Its high purity and quality standardization as per ACS guidelines assure its reliability in diverse scientific procedures.