Pure Boric Acid Powder 99% – 55Lb Bag – Uses: Medicinal, Pesticide, Swimming Pools, Cleaning Agent, Fiberglass, Glass Products, Welding Flux – Made In America – Alliance Chemical


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Boric Acid – 55LB Bag – Orthoboric Acid/Boracic Acid

  • Also know as hydrogen borate, it can be used as a naturally occurring all purpose cleaner.
  • Use it as an algae cleaner and preventer, reduce your chlorine levels, or level out your pH alkalinity all in your pool.
  • 99.9% PURE Boric Acid AKA Hydrogen Borate, Boracic Acid, Orthoboric Acid and Acidum Boricum
  • Highly effective all-purpose cleaner. It will help remove bacteria and stubborn stains left behind on carpets, upholstery or countertops.
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UN Number Not Regulated

CAS Number 10043-35-3

Appearance Solid

Flash Point Not Applicable

Boiling Point 300 °C

Color White

Relative Density 1.435 g/cm3

Formula H3BO3

Molecular Weight 61.83

Vapor Density Not applicable