Polyethylene Glycol 200 (PEG 200) – 15 Gallon Drum – USP Food Grade – Domestically Sourced – Made In America


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Polyethylene Glycol 200 (PEG 200) is a petroleum derived polymer and an oligomer of the polymer of ethylene oxide. Polyethylene glycol is a water-soluble liquid or waxy solid that is used in cosmetics, medicines, emulsification, lubricants, and wetting agents. It appears as a colorless, oily liquid with a faint odor and a pleasant flavor


  • Lubricants and greases
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Textiles
  • Personal care

UN Number Not Regulated

CAS Number 56-81-5

Appearance Liquid

Flash Point 160°C (320°F) – Closed Cup

Boiling Point 182°C (360°F) at 27 hPa (20 mmHg)

Color Clear

Relative Density 1.25 g/mL

Formula C3H8O3

Molecular Weight 92.09 g/mol

Vapor Density 1.25 g/mL