Nitric Acid ACS 69% – 55 Gallon Drum




Nitric Acid ACS 69% ACS Reagent Grade: A Vital Component in Various Industries

Nitric Acid ACS 69%, a highly concentrated, colorless liquid, is a powerful oxidizing agent widely used in industrial applications. The ACS Grade signifies its adherence to purity standards set by the American Chemical Society, making it ideal for numerous scientific and industrial applications.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Nitric Acid with a concentration of 69% is known for its ability to dissolve metals and metal oxides, crucial in producing fertilizers, dyes, and explosives.

Consistency and Reactivity

This concentration provides a balance between efficiency and safety, making it highly reactive and suitable for a wide range of chemical processes.

Purity and Quality

As an ACS Grade product, Nitric Acid 69% is manufactured using advanced technology and subject to rigorous quality control, ensuring consistency and reliability for critical applications.


Nitric Acid ACS 69% is indispensable in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, explosives manufacturing, metallurgy, and semiconductor industries.

Industrial and Laboratory Use

It is used in fertilizer production, dye and pigment manufacturing, drug synthesis, and as an oxidizer in explosives. In metallurgy and semiconductor manufacturing, it serves as a cleaning and etching agent.

Analytical Chemistry

In laboratories, it’s a crucial reagent for chemical reactions, element detection, and in analytical chemistry for quantifying compounds.

Safe Handling and Storage

Nitric Acid ACS 69% requires stringent safety protocols due to its corrosive nature.

Safety Protocols

Proper safety equipment, including protective clothing and eyewear, is essential. It’s important to ensure good ventilation and be prepared for spill management.

Storage Practices

Store in a cool, dry place, away from incompatible materials. Use corrosion-resistant containers and keep them tightly sealed to maintain product integrity.


Nitric Acid ACS 69% is a versatile, high-quality chemical, essential in various sectors. Adhering to ACS standards, it assures reliability and safety in professional and industrial settings.

** We do not offer smaller quantities of this product at this time. We can only provide this chemical in 55 Gallon Drums. **