Nitric Acid 25%

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Nitric Acid 25% – Essential Information and Uses

Nitric Acid 25%: Detailed Characteristics and Applications

This webpage provides an in-depth look at 25% Nitric Acid, highlighting its characteristics, uses, and safety measures. This concentration of Nitric Acid is commonly used across various industries and educational settings due to its versatility and moderate strength.

Key Characteristics

Nitric Acid 25% is a diluted version of the more concentrated acid. This colorless liquid is known for its oxidizing properties, although it is less corrosive and hazardous than higher concentrations. It maintains its role as a significant chemical in various reactions.

Physical Properties

At 25% concentration, Nitric Acid is a colorless, odorous liquid. It has a lower boiling point and density compared to its more concentrated forms.

Diverse Applications

Its moderate concentration makes 25% Nitric Acid versatile for various applications.

Industrial Manufacturing

Used in the production of fertilizers, dyes, and explosives, where a milder acid is required.

Academic and Research Laboratories

Preferred in academic settings for experiments, especially in organic and inorganic compound analysis.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning

Effective in cleaning and preparing metal surfaces, thanks to its oxidizing nature.

Safety and Handling Guidelines

While it’s less hazardous than stronger acids, proper safety measures are crucial.

Safety Equipment

Use of gloves, goggles, and lab coats is essential. A fume hood is recommended to avoid inhalation of vapors.

Storage Requirements

Store in a cool, ventilated area. Use containers made of materials like HDPE or glass that resist acid corrosion.


Nitric Acid 25% is a valuable chemical in various fields due to its moderate strength and versatility. Understanding its properties and adhering to safety protocols is key to its effective and safe use.

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