Natural D-Limonene Multipurpose Cleaner – Vicious Citrus – One Sealed Quart – Orange Deodorizer and Degreaser


  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: No need to have a ton of different products to keep your home clean. This all-natural d-limonene cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer is all you need. It easily cuts through grease and grime and works on a wide variety of surfaces, such as Dumpsters, Garbage Cans, PVC, Plastic, Carpet, Paint, Glass, Ovens, Grills, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Metal, Kitchen, Bath, Floors, Walls, Marble, Tiles etc.
  • ALL NATURAL D-LIMONENE POWER: Forget about exposing your loved ones to synthetic cleaners or toxic chemicals. This limonene citrus cleaner is your all-natural cleaning solution for cleaning your house, kitchen, bathroom etc. Quickly and easily penetrates and lifts even tough stains and soils, leaving the surface clean and smelling fresh.
  • ELIMINATES VIRTUALLY ANY GREASE AND STAIN: This natural all purpose cleaner is your ultimate weapon to safely eliminate almost any kind of grease and stain. Use this orange cleaner to eliminate grease, grime, oil, paint, ink, Adhesive, Tar, Baked-on Carbon Stains, Lipstick, Crayon, Shoe Polish, Scuffs, Smoke Film and Odors, Foul Odors, Food Stains, Pet Stains etc.
  • FREE FLOWING DRAINS: Don‘t let your drains and sewer lines be crippled by clogs any longer. D-limonene kitchen and household cleaner keeps your drains free flowing with a fresh, fragrant citrus smell once the job is done.
  • EASY TO USE: For general cleaning: use 2oz per gallon of Water. For heavy duty cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing: use 10oz per gallon of water. Removing stubborn stains and adhesives: use 32oz per gallon of water. Odor control: Use 10oz per gallon of water and apply with sprayer bottle to the source of the odors and mist into the air. Drain lines: Pour appr. 6oz into drain line every week to keep drain free-flowing and smelling fresh. Let stand several hours and then flush with hot water.

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UN Number UN2052

CAS Number 5989-27-5

Appearance Water-White Liquid

Flash Point 48 °C (118 °F)

Boiling Point 175 - 176 °C (348 - 349 °F)

Color Clear

Relative Density 0.8411 g/cm3

Formula C10H16

Molecular Weight 136.24 g/mol

Vapor Density Not Available