n-Heptane 99% ACS

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n-Heptane 99% ACS Grade

A High-Purity Solvent:


n-Heptane 99% ACS Grade is a high-purity solvent, known for its effectiveness in analytical laboratories and for its use in various organic synthesis processes.


Chemical Properties:

This ACS grade solvent, with the chemical formula C7H16, is appreciated for its non-polarity, low boiling point, and high purity, making it ideal for sensitive analytical procedures.


Appearance and Odor:

As a clear, colorless liquid, n-Heptane 99% ACS Grade has a mild, petroleum-like odor, which is characteristic of alkanes.


Boiling and Melting Point:

With a boiling point around 98°C and a melting point of -90.6°C, it offers a wide range of usability in varying temperature conditions, especially in laboratory settings.


Solubility and Density:

n-Heptane is insoluble in water and has a density of about 0.684 g/mL at 20°C, making it a suitable solvent for organic compounds.



Its primary applications include use in analytical laboratories, organic synthesis, and as a standard in chromatography.


Analytical Laboratories:

In labs, n-Heptane is used in gas chromatography as a standard, and for extracting organic compounds from aqueous solutions.


Organic Synthesis:

It serves as a non-polar solvent in the synthesis of various organic compounds, particularly in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.



Due to its defined boiling point and non-polar nature, it is an excellent standard for calibrating equipment in chromatographic analysis.


Handling and Storage:

Proper handling and storage of n-Heptane 99% ACS Grade are crucial due to its flammability and potential health impacts.


Safety Precautions:

Appropriate safety measures, including the use of flame-resistant clothing and explosion-proof equipment, are necessary. Adequate ventilation and the use of personal protective equipment are also essential.


Storage Recommendations:

It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from sources of ignition and strong oxidizers, in tightly sealed containers.



n-Heptane 99% ACS Grade is an indispensable solvent in analytical and synthetic chemistry, highly valued for its purity and non-polar properties. Adhering to strict safety protocols is essential for its safe and effective use in various applications.

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