n-Amyl Acetate

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Alliance Chemical is proud to offer high-quality n-Amyl Acetate for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. n-Amyl Acetate also known as banana oil, is a clear, colorless liquid with a fruity aroma. It is widely used as a solvent, flavoring agent, and fragrance.


Our n-Amyl Acetate is 99.9% pure, making it ideal for use in various applications such as:


  • -Manufacturing of cosmetics
  • -Food and beverages
  • -Production of inks, adhesives, and coatings
  • -Solvent in the production of resins and adhesives
  • -Flavoring agent and fragrance in food and beverages
  • -Perfumery and fragrance industry
  • -Laboratory reagents and analytical chemistry


In addition to its versatility and high purity, our n-Amyl Acetate is also safe and easy to handle. It is non-toxic and has a low flash point, making it a safe choice for industrial use.


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Alliance Chemical is committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted supplier of n-Amyl Acetate and other industrial chemicals.