Magnesium Hydroxide ACS

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Magnesium Hydroxide ACS Grade: The Essential Alkaline Solution Across Varied Applications

Magnesium Hydroxide ACS Grade extends beyond being merely a base, positioning itself as an indispensable chemical agent utilized across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and laboratories. Recognized for its ability to skillfully neutralize acids and provide an alkaline environment, it forms the backbone of numerous critical applications, contributing to manufacturing processes and specialized lab applications, among others. Its chemical and physical attributes not only make it a superior alkaline solution but also an imperative ingredient in crafting a myriad of crucial products and processes.


Chemical Properties and Characteristics

Magnesium Hydroxide, chemically expressed as Mg(OH)2, is renowned for its capacity to adeptly neutralize acids, thereby playing a pivotal role in myriad processes demanding a controlled pH and alkaline conditions. This particular aspect makes it a quintessential component in a plethora of industrial, healthcare, and laboratory applications.


Appearance, Odor, and Physical State

Magnesium Hydroxide appears as a white powder, usually devoid of any distinct odor, and is characterized by its low solubility in water yet formidable capacity to influence pH levels. It stands out due to its amphoteric nature, acting both as a base and an acid when needed, thus enhancing its versatility in various chemical processes and interactions.


Chemical Stability and Reactivity

Magnesium Hydroxide demonstrates stability under normal conditions and can safely interact with numerous substances without yielding hazardous byproducts. While it can react with strong acids, it is conventionally regarded as a safe and non-hazardous substance. These attributes underscore its storage, handling, and transport protocols, safeguarding quality and safety alike.


Varied Applications

Magnesium Hydroxide asserts its multifaceted utility across numerous applications and industries, especially where safe, non-hazardous pH control is paramount.

  • Laboratory Usage: Employed in various lab applications requiring a stable, reliable base.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Acts as an antacid and a laxative in several medicinal formulations.
  • Personal Care Products: Incorporated in various personal care products, offering pH control and mildness.


Handling and Storage Guidelines

To preserve its effectiveness and quality, meticulous handling and storage of Magnesium Hydroxide are paramount.


Protective Measures and First Aid

Even though it is generally considered safe, utilizing protective gear like gloves and eye protection is recommended. Adhering to first aid measures outlined in its safety data sheet ensures safe and efficient handling.


Storage Requirements and Incompatibilities

Magnesium Hydroxide should be stored in a cool, dry environment, in a sealed container to thwart contamination. It must be kept isolated from incompatible materials such as strong acids to circumvent undesirable reactions.



Magnesium Hydroxide ACS Grade stands out as a paramount chemical, offering a wide array of applications across numerous industries. Assuring consistent quality, reliability, and unparalleled efficacy across all applications, this inestimable base, when managed with precise safety, handling, and storage guidelines, guarantees optimal utilization whilst maintaining a safe operational environment. Thus, both the product and user are safeguarded, ensuring flawless and effective use across all relevant applications.