Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ACS Grade

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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ACS Grade: Precision and Purity in Every Drop

The Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ACS Grade is a beacon of high standards in chemical purity and performance. Formulated to meet American Chemical Society (ACS) specifications, it ensures accuracy and reliability in various laboratory and industrial applications.

Versatile and Reliable

From analytical chemistry to biological experiments, this ACS-grade solution plays a crucial role. Its consistent quality makes it ideal for applications that require the utmost precision.

Stringent Quality Control

Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee adherence to ACS standards, providing users with confidence in its consistency and reliability.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Breaking down into water and oxygen, it is an environmentally friendly choice for laboratories committed to sustainability.

Safe Storage and Usage

While it is a potent oxidizer, proper storage and handling ensure safety and stability, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.


The Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ACS Grade is an essential product for laboratories and industries seeking high-quality, consistent, and eco-conscious chemical solutions.