Cyclohexanone Technical Grade

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Cyclohexanone Technical Grade: An Essential Solvent for Numerous Industrial Applications

Cyclohexanone Technical Grade stands out as not only a solvent but also a fundamental chemical utilized across various industries, such as the production of synthetic polymers, pharmaceuticals, and countless manufacturing processes. Its chemical and physical properties make it a versatile ingredient, fundamental in producing myriad products and facilitating several industrial applications.


Chemical Properties and Characteristics

Cyclohexanone, with the molecular formula , is recognized for its ability to act as a solvent in various applications due to its stability and compatibility with diverse substances and materials.



Appearance, Odor, and Physical State

Cyclohexanone presents itself as a colorless to slightly yellowish liquid, with a characteristic odor, often described as peppermint- or acetone-like. Its stable, liquid state under normal conditions facilitates its utility as a solvent and an intermediate in various industrial processes.



Chemical Stability and Reactivity

While it’s generally stable under typical conditions, Cyclohexanone can react with strong oxidizing agents. Its stability and reactivity are crucial to consider in aspects concerning storage, transport, and usage to maintain quality and safety.



Multifaceted Applications

Cyclohexanone Technical Grade’s multifunctionality allows it to extend its usefulness across a variety of sectors, thanks to its properties and capabilities.



Synthesis of Polymers and Resins

One of the chief applications of Cyclohexanone lies in the production of adipic acid and caprolactam, both of which are precursors to synthetic polymers (notably, Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6 respectively).



Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, Cyclohexanone serves as a solvent and sometimes as a reagent, playing a role in creating and purifying various compounds.

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