Cyclohexanone – ACS Reagent Grade – 4 Liter Case – Uses: Solvent, Intermediate, Paint Remover


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Cyclohexanone Reagent ACS Grade 4 x 1 Liter Glass Bottles

Cyclohexanone is the organic compound with the formula (CH₂)₅CO. The molecule consists of six-carbon cyclic molecule with a ketone functional group. This colorless oil has an odor reminiscent of that of acetone. Over time, samples of cyclohexanone assume a yellow color.

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UN Number UN1915

CAS Number 108-94-1

Appearance Liquid

Flash Point 46 °C

Boiling Point 155 °C

Color Colorless

Relative Density 0,95 g /cm³ at 20 °C

Formula C₆H₁₀O

Molecular Weight 98.14

Vapor Density 3.4