Boric Acid

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Boric Acid 99% Pure

A Multipurpose Mild Acid for Diverse Applications:


Boric Acid 99% Pure, known for its mild antiseptic and antifungal properties, is a versatile compound used in a variety of medical, industrial, and domestic applications.


Chemical Properties:

Boric Acid is characterized by its mild acidity and low toxicity, making it a preferred choice for safe, effective applications.


Appearance and Purity:

This compound appears as a white, crystalline powder or granular substance, known for its high purity and water solubility.


Solubility and Stability:

Boric Acid is soluble in water and alcohol, and its chemical stability under normal conditions makes it suitable for various uses.



Its wide range of applications includes medical treatments, industrial processes, and as a household product.


Medical Uses:

In medicine, Boric Acid is used in antiseptic and antifungal preparations, often in eye washes and mild skin antiseptics.


Industrial Applications:

It is used in the manufacture of glass and fiberglass, as a flame retardant, and in wood preservatives and pesticides.


Domestic Uses:

Commonly used in laundry and cleaning products, and as an insecticide, particularly against ants and cockroaches.


Handling and Storage:

While relatively safe, Boric Acid should be handled with care to avoid ingestion or prolonged skin contact.


Safety Precautions:

It’s important to use gloves and eye protection when handling the powder and to store it away from children and pets.


Storage Recommendations:

Store in a cool, dry place, in a tightly sealed container, away from moisture to maintain its effectiveness and purity.



Boric Acid 99% Pure is a widely used, multifunctional compound, valued for its safety, effectiveness, and versatility in a range of applications.

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