Amyl Acetate ACS Grade

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n-Amyl Acetate ACS Grade

An ACS Grade Solvent with Distinctive Applications:


n-Amyl Acetate ACS Grade is a high-quality solvent recognized for its unique combination of properties, making it suitable for specialized applications in analytical chemistry and research.


Chemical Properties:

With the molecular formula C7H14O2, n-Amyl Acetate is known for its excellent solvent power, moderate evaporation rate, and characteristic banana-like odor.


Appearance and Odor:

It is a clear, colorless liquid, with a pleasant, fruity odor reminiscent of bananas, aiding in its identification and use in various applications.


Boiling and Melting Points:

This solvent boasts a boiling point of about 149°C and a melting point of -78°C, making it suitable for operations requiring a stable solvent at higher temperatures.


Solubility and Compatibility:

n-Amyl Acetate is soluble in most organic solvents and exhibits limited water solubility, enhancing its utility in diverse solvent mixtures and applications.



Primarily used in analytical and research laboratories, n-Amyl Acetate finds application in chromatography, extractions, and as a solvent for various organic syntheses.



Utilized as a solvent in chromatographic techniques due to its selective solubility and effective separation capabilities.


Organic Synthesis:

Valued in organic synthesis for its ability to dissolve a variety of organic compounds, aiding in the preparation and purification of chemical substances.


Extraction Processes:

Effective in extraction processes, particularly in the isolation and purification of natural products and chemicals.


Handling and Storage:

Handling n-Amyl Acetate requires adherence to safety protocols due to its flammable nature and potential health effects.


Safety Measures:

Employ appropriate personal protective equipment and maintain good ventilation when handling this chemical to reduce exposure risks.


Storage Conditions:

It should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from heat sources and incompatible materials, in tightly sealed containers.



n-Amyl Acetate ACS Grade, with its distinctive solvent properties and pleasant odor, is an essential component in specialized laboratory applications, particularly in analytical chemistry. Proper safety practices are essential for its effective and safe utilization.