Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution

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Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution: Comprehensive Insights

Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution is a widely used coagulant employed in water treatment processes. It is also prevalent in personal care products, providing effective antiperspirant activity.

Chemical Properties

Aluminum Chlorohydrate, with its complex polymeric structure, is utilized for its ability to form flocs with particles in water, thus enhancing sedimentation processes and improving water clarity.

Appearance and Odor

It commonly presents as a colorless to slightly yellowish liquid, typically odorless, and is known for its stability and efficacy in various applications.

pH and Density

Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution usually has a mildly acidic pH and exhibits a density that is crucial for its effective function as a coagulant in water treatment processes.


Being soluble in water, it forms a slightly opalescent solution which is utilized in various applications for its coagulating and flocculating properties.


Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution is renowned for its varied applications in water treatment and personal care products.

Water Treatment

It acts as a primary coagulant in water treatment processes where it facilitates particle aggregation and sedimentation, thereby enhancing water clarity and quality.

Personal Care Products

In personal care, particularly in antiperspirants, Aluminum Chlorohydrate serves as an active ingredient that reduces perspiration by affecting sweat glands while being gentle on the skin.

Handling and Storage

Handling and storage of Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution should adhere to specific safety and quality preservation guidelines.

Protective Measures

Utilizing protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, and ensuring adequate ventilation is essential to safeguard against potential exposure and to ensure safe handling.

Storage Conditions

Storing the solution in a cool, well-ventilated area and ensuring the container is tightly sealed when not in use are crucial to maintain its quality and efficacy.


Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Solution, with its potent coagulating properties and varied applications, is a fundamental chemical in water treatment and personal care industries. Alliance Chemical ensures the provision of high-quality Aluminum Chlorohydrate, guaranteeing optimal performance and consistency in your applications. Observing stringent handling, storage, and disposal guidelines ensures the maximization of its benefits while safeguarding operational safety.