shutterstock_29910334Alliance Chemical has been serving our customers in the Central Texas region as well assisting in procurement for clients on the national and international stage for over 20 years.  Over this time, Alliance Chemical has distributed and serviced companies ranging from micro to mega corporations as well as domestic and international governments. We are dedicated to prompt delivery time, reliable service, following strict safety protocols, competitive pricing, and an adherence to using the most pure and prime materials possible.  We have flexibility allowing us to offer multiple grades of purity to our customers such as ACS, Reagent grade, USP, Technical grade, Semiconductor grade and HPLC grade.  Alliance Chemical can also package any chemical into multiple container sizes depending on our customers ‘requirements.

From custom blends to high purity chemicals. Alliance Chemical is dedicated to exceed our customers’ expectations as a high quality chemical supplier. We promise to adapt quickly to the needs of our customer base, offer our unique technical expertise, and ensure competitive pricing. At Alliance Chemical we feel a duty to serve our customers, our community and ensure the preservation of the environment.